June 16, 2015

Want a Good Laugh?

The above was created by a mindfulness colleague of mine, Professor Marcello Spinella.

If you want another good laugh, check out this video (courtesy of Har-Prakash Khalsa's Expand-Contract YouTube channel).

June 8, 2015

International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering 2015

I just got back from the International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering. The whole conference totally rocked. I got to reconnect with a bunch of old friends and make a lot of new ones. Also came away with a much better idea of trending issues within the Buddhist community.

Here are a couple of pics taken of me with some totally awesome people.

(From Left to Right) Har-Prakash Khalsa, Loch Kelly, Santiago Jimenez, CuladasaShinzen YoungDaniel IngramStephanie Nash

April 3, 2015

Again, Good Friday

Thomas Stearns Eliot by Lady Ottoline Morrell (1934)

TS Eliot Signature

As some of you may know, I look upon T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets as a poetic manual for contemplative-based psycho-spiritual growth. Here are some things I've said about that:
This morning, a student sent me this really cool link: http://jeremyirons.net/tag/four-quartets/.
It includes some UK scholars talking about the Four Quartets, followed by a great reading of it by Jeremy Irons. Enjoy.