March 8, 2012

Shalom from Israel

I just led a one week retreat in Israel, which spanned Shabbat. I led the kidush (prayer for the bread and wine). I like to emphasize Jewish themes when I run retreats here. 

In the photos you see me doing the blessing and then eating challah with the retreatants.


  1. Beautiful! Minfulness in Israel with Jewish foundations; and now a high tech research retreat at Harvard. I am smiling and smiling! Shinzen, you are one of my heros, and I just love you and your wonderful gifts of teaching.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Was so moving being with you for retreat Shinzen. Thank you for giving so much into awakening. Living the life of Mindfulness now is a pleasure.

  3. Shinzen , this is GILAD from the retreat.
    Un-mindfully, I forgot to copy the email address you posted on the noteboard.
    I would really like to email you
    my email is
    gemini_chasm @
    Please, send a message and I could continue our communication
    in metta

  4. Hi Shinzen, this is Oleg.

    I was at the first 3 days.


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