August 27, 2013

Vive Les Geeks!

I just got back from Buddhist Geeks. It was great. Got a chance to reconnect with a lot of my old friends and to make a few new ones.

Here are some pics and description. (A huge thanks to Har-Prakash Khalsa – he took all of these photos except where otherwise noted.)

Horsing around with Daniel Ingram

With Gary Weber 

With Diane Hamilton. I lent her my signature Blues Brother’s hat.
(For more about the hat, see the comments I made on this blogpost.)

With ~C4Chaos

(pic courtesy of ~C4Chaos)

I mount our Harvard results within the framework of history

Visual summary of the Basic Mindfulness System. (I’ll blog about the meaning of this summary soon.)

A visual outline of our Harvard results 
(Drawn by KellyKingman)

Another view with ~C4Chaos

(pic courtesy of ~C4Chaos)

I pontificate on the The Meaning of Life

A visual outline of the Meaning of life
(Drawn by KellyKingman)

The ABCs of Being a Good Human Being  
(Detail from Meaning of Life drawn by Kelly Kingman)

5 Factors Involved in Positive Behavior Change
(Detail from Meaning of Life drawn by Kelly Kingman)

Interplay of Emptiness and Form
(Detail from Meaning of Life drawn by Kelly Kingman)


  1. Looking forward to the Basic Mindfulness System blog!

  2. I just came across "five ways to know yourself" and I love it!

    I am relatively new to mediation I wanted to ask you how a couple of other practices might fit in with the Basic Mindfulness universe. You posted a picture with you and Gary Weber. I have also been reading his book and he seems to emphasize inquiry/negation (who am I?...I am not this?..) as a form of meditation and as a object of concentration in yoga. I have also been deeply influenced by the writings of Eckhart Tolle and his emphasis on being completely present and realizing that you can be enlightened NOW. I also come from a Baha'i background where the emphasis is on prayer/devotion/and surrender. I find that half of my meditation time is taken up by intellectually trying to piece together all these systems and it only abates when I accept the fact that I don't understand.

    Do you think it's useful to combine different systems like this? If so, how can these be incorporated into the Basic Mindfulness universe. I have some ideas but I would deeply appreciate your insight.

    Thank you all of your wonderful work!



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