April 25, 2014

The Dharma Wheel -- A New Translation

For New Years 2012, I posted my poem entitled "The Dharma Wheel." I recently came up with a new translation that rhymes in English.


  1. Shinzen -

    Here's a great article you may find of interest by a philosophy professor at CUNY on Western logicians and their increasingly close agreement with the propositional structures of Buddhist philosophy:


  2. I would really want to know the meaning of this poem regarding the Dharma.
    I want to know much about this poem.
    And Great Poem.

  3. Does this figure represents the emptiness of Buddhism. But through attachment, love, one feel pain and suffering.
    All start with emptiness and through dharma, one can neglect all the pain and suffering and can go back to emptiness.

  4. I remember showing you my Spanish translation some time ago,

    El estado unificado - Se divide en dos

    En el espacio creado - Nacemos tu y yo

    Un lado se contrae - El otro se expande

    Y asĂ­ continĂșan - Hasta que ya no aguanten


    Ambos lados desaparecen

    Solo el amor prevalece


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