August 13, 2014

Last week I got my brain scanned at this lab. It's part of a research project being conducted by an old friend of mine, Jud Brewer. Jud is in the center behind me, with Dae Houlihan on the right, and Remko Van Lutterveld on the left.

I love this stuff.


  1. And what were the results?

  2. Hi!
    I would like to share something that through a series of experiences was made obvious to me:

    The Source or Cause is pure, altruistic, infinitely great Love. Knowing that, It loves Itself, as even altruistic Love esteems but as good altruistic Love, and as such loves It, be It Itself. It is also limitlessly happy with Itself, because of What It is doing, and for What It is accomplishing for others.

    Because of How It is It wills to make others as happy as It is. Meaning that also they would know that Who their true Being is that infinitely great altruistic Love.

    Therefore Cause -or Whom has been called God- imagines being individuations of Itself. That in each one of them It might come to Itself and enjoy Itself again, but now also as each one of them.

    Because doing what makes you happy could hypothetically mean that you do it only because it makes you happy, not necessarily because it makes others happy -even when it would- your love could be selfishly interested. Only when you would still go ahead to make others happy knowing it would end all the happiness you enjoyed, and instead would give you hell, would you have given proof that your love was really pure altruistic charity. And you would even give more proof that you only love and are happy with yourself for as long as you experienced being that altruistic love, and would morally disapprove of yourself for as long as you would be under the impression and believe that you were not altruistic love. Only a Being that is perfect in all Its infinitely good qualities (that in truth has no opposite, Infinity being without anything that is not Itself) would react and feel as we do while still under the suggestion It is but a far from perfect being: a human, member of a race of predators.

    Thus as the Being that is our true Identity we have all given our Life to and for the human we experience being. We let our Being be devoured alive by this creature, every time we experience being but it. By taking on the human experience we allowed our Self to be falsely accused, mentally, emotionally, and physically tortured, as if our head were surrounded by a self feeding loop of painful thoughts, memories, and imaginations, each one stinging like a thorn of a wreath of spiritual death. As if our spiritual capacities of were nailed to this body, seemingly painfully paralyzed. The sharp point of the ego stinging us in the heart, our conscience.

    The story of God appearing as a human in this world, knowing beforehand that it would mean a crucifixion and constant dying, having the blissful Self-awareness and whole Creative experience turn into the experience of hell compared to the original experience, is a parable for Who and How the One that is our true Being is, and for What as Such we all have done for new creations as extensions of that Being, that also the individuations would come to enjoy being the One that is their true Identity.

    It is indeed God reading this now as you in His human disguise.

    This is already a longish one for a blog, so I quit here.



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