June 16, 2015

Want a Good Laugh?

The above was created by a mindfulness colleague of mine, Professor Marcello Spinella.

If you want another good laugh, check out this video (courtesy of Har-Prakash Khalsa's Expand-Contract YouTube channel).


  1. Eventually people will look back and laugh about all this selfie nonsense. In the meantime lemme take a selfie lol

  2. Modern Koan:

    One day a young monk, after taking a Selfie, with a selfie stick, with Shinzen, asked Shinzen:

    "Shinzen, if there is no-self, who did just take that selfie?"

    Shinzen immediately pointed with one finger to the camera and with another finger pointed to the head of the monk, took the selfie stick from the monk, struck the monk with it, and then left.


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