September 26, 2012

(Main)Stream Entry

General Mills’ Janice Marturano, who created the
company’s 'Mindful Leadership' programme

Many years ago, I was talking with Jack Kornfield about my dream of how a modernized, secularized, and science-based reworking of Buddhism could infiltrate the institutions of the Western world. He said something like,

"Oh, I see—you’re not just interested in stream entry, you’re interested in mainstream entry.” 

Recently a student sent me this article from the Financial Times, and my friend Jeremy Hunter sent me this article from the Wall Street Journal. Check them out. It’s amazing to see how mainstream entry is gradually becoming a reality....

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  1. When a congressman from Ohio announces that he sits for 40 minutes every morning, you know the tide has turned, right?

    Tucker, N. (2012, April 4). In meditative mindfulness, Rep. Tim Ryan sees a cure for many American ills. Retrieved from

    Ryan, T. (2012). A mindful nation: How a simple practice can help us reduce stress, improve performance, and recapture the American spirit. Carlsbad, Calif: Hay House.


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