March 17, 2015

I’ve decided to convert to Tau-ism

© Kerstin/dragonflyducky @ Flickr
Some of you may know that Saturday was a particularly significant Pi Day. During the morning Home Practice Program, I asked participants to observe a moment of silence in honor of Archimedes as we transitioned to the Pi Instant at 3/14/15 - 9:26:53 am EST.

Apropos of Pi Day, one of my computer scientist friends, Neal McBurnett, sent me this really cool Youtube segment by Michael Hartl, formerly of Caltech. It’s about the tongue-in-cheek geek war between pi and tau.

I’ve decided to take Hartl’s message to heart and, from now on, I’ll be practicing and advocating “Tau-ism.” Check it out if you like geeky fun stuff.


  1. And Vi Hart also takes up the cause:

  2. Thank you, and welcome to the movement, Shinzen!

    As we say,

    Tau is easier than Pi!

    The next time you write something that uses the circle constant, simply note “For convenience, we set τ=2π”.

    And, especially in this community, remember: Euler's identity written as e^(i*tau) = 1 says "Be One with the Tau" :)

    For more details, I highly recommend the Tau Manifesto:


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