August 30, 2012

Coming to Your Screen Soon...

Here's my latest poster:

Soon to be seen here:

during my month-long online retreat 

Meanwhile, enjoy this video conversation between me and Polly Young-Eisendrath.

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  1. How the Tricycle Retreats work

    The month-long retreats at are rather flexible in terms of time commitments and scheduling.

    --A new video segment (teachings and practices) is posted online at at the beginning of each week (for my retreat, starting September 4).

    --Each week when a new video recording is posted, students can then elect when they’d like to review the new material and practice along with the video. Participants are encouraged to post questions, concerns, comments, etc, in the dialogue/commentary section below each posted video.

    I will check in everyday or so to make comments and engage with those participating in the retreat.

    How you register for my Tricycle Retreat

    --There is not a separate registration for my particular retreat. When you purchase Supporting Membership to Tricycle ($25), you get access to my retreat and future online retreats, along with a bunch of other benefits listed on the membership page here:

    So, in a nutshell…

    --What is the format of this month-long online retreat? Recorded video talks posted each week and comment threads for commentary and Q&A that I will check on and reply to regularly. All materials are available for review all thru the retreat and after the retreat ends.

    --What is the fee? The cost of the retreat is built into Tricycle membership cost ($25). You get a lot of other benefits by joining Tricycle membership as well.

    --How soon do I need to register? You can join the retreat by purchasing Tricycle membership at any time. Join as soon as possible to maximize your time engaging in the comment and Q&A threads, as those will only be live for the month of September for my retreat.


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